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#NoHomework has gone viral, but is it a good idea?

Northern Texas teacher's policy sparks national debate


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Notes from the news - Aug. 25

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CEO of Agora Cyber Charter calls for reforms

In response to a recent commentary piece, Conti rebuts criticisms of cyber charters.

by Dr. Michael Conti

Green's role as public advocate is dubious

The SRC member has been showing disdain for teachers and urging parents to see things his way.

by Lisa Haver

DNC opens against backdrop of education inequality

Welcome to Pennsylvania, a battleground state that has the biggest gaps in the nation in per-pupil spending among its rich and poor school districts.


Philadelphia's new contingent of community schools, by the numbers

The schools chosen represent a wide range of student subgroups, academic records, and neighborhoods.

by newsworks

Philly School District notches revenue wins in state budget

by Dale Mezzacappa and Avi Wolfman-Arent newsworks

Notebook launches fund drive to hire a new reporter

The first $20,000 donated will be matched by a supporter.


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