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Parent activists don’t feel respected by the SRC

They may disagree on the best way to govern the School District, but they all see a need for more community involvement in decisions.

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Mayor visits West Philadelphia preschool to boost city’s new initiative


Should it stay or go?

Some say it's time to abolish the controversial School Reform Commission and switch to local control.

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How other districts govern

In some cities, parents have more clout.

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Local educators call on Hite to declare the District a ‘sanctuary campus’


Councilman: Philly should reimburse teachers who pay for school supplies

by newsworks

Notes from the news - December 9

The latest headlines in Philly education

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Philadelphia Futures releases mobile app to help college-bound students

by Lane Whitman

Report: Don't expand charters without examining consequences

A paper by the Economic Policy Institute examines 11 school districts, including Philadelphia.

by newsworks

Say yes to a free press with a Notebook donation

Contributions will be matched up to $5,000.

Multiple choice: Does Philadelphia have a teacher vacancy problem?

by newsworks

Conservative youth organizing group launches watchlist of academics

Two professors from Temple and two from the University of Pennsylvania were singled out for "advancing leftist propaganda."


Trump taps billionaire Betsy DeVos as education secretary

Unions are appalled, and school choice advocates heartened. DeVos' organizations have run afoul of campaign finance laws. City Councilwoman Helen Gym calls her "uniquely unsuited" for the job.

by Greg Windle, Dale Mezzacappa and Darryl Murphy