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McCall parent starts online petition to fix problems at school's 108-year-old building


What does Springsteen have to do with the Notebook?

Publisher combines her passion for reporting and the Boss in our fall campaign.


Steel parents skeptical that a second turnaround would work any better


For parents, Infinite Campus is a temporary headache

They won't have their own logins to the new student info system until January. Teachers worry about the longer-term effects, however.


Support the Notebook and see Springsteen on Broadway

Donate $50 or more until Nov. 10, enter to win – and have your donation doubled!

Students from Ben Franklin see history take flight

A visit to the city's Leonardo aircraft plant also reveals a world of career possibilities.


District plans events and activities for Family Engagement Month

by Staff report

Schools celebrate musical gifts from Grammy-nominated classical pianist

Lang Lang donated keyboards, materials, and money to support instruction. He studied at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia and considers the city a second home.


Pa. Supreme Court reinstates principal accused in cheating scandal


SLA takes its learning approach to the masses

by recreating school

State truancy law amended to improve attendance, prevent jail time for parents


In victory for advocates, Supreme Court rules that school funding lawsuit can go ahead

Decision reverses longstanding view that courts should stay out of education funding and could lead to upheaval of the current system

by breaking news

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Teachers speak out on District's new grading policy

Members of the Caucus of Working Educators question whether it will lead to more learning or inflate the graduation rate.

by Steve Petro, Amber Burnett, and Shaw MacQueen

What David Osborne should learn about Philadelphia

by Susan DeJarnatt

District staffer exercises her acting skills in play about a runaway slave

'A House With No Walls' sheds light on the life of Martha Washington’s enslaved maid Oney Judge.


Would CTE fit your needs? Take a look

More from Fall Guide 2017: Choosing a High School

Amid the challenge of expansion, CTE thrives

The program is growing, but not as quickly as District officials had hoped. Equipment costs, for one thing, can be high.

More from Fall Guide 2017: Choosing a High School

As school starts, Hite looking forward to a year of stability

Although the District has a small fund balance now, shortfalls loom without additional money.


#FirstdayPhilly celebrates a new school year for city students

Special events this year included red carpets and super heroes, along with the customary ringing of the bells at Pennell Elementary.

Philadelphia names its newest youth poet laureate

by Peter Crimmins

McMichael Elementary gets renovations in preparation for the school year


Replacing students who leave: The debate over 'backfilling'

Some charters have not filled the seats of students who left, raising concerns that the practice skews achievement data. District-run neighborhood schools must take all area students who apply.


Eight schools get upgrades to early childhood classrooms