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Making a comeback

After a rocky start, LINC is forging its own path as an "innovation" school.

by recreating school
Widgets Magazine

Parents, local advocates call for more school police accountability after incident at Solis-Cohen Elementary School


Volunteers step in to help children who have nobody

Educational decision-makers direct students’ schooling and help keep them on track to graduate.


Committee shuffle could make difference for Pa. school choice bill

by Katie Meyer whyy news

Q & A: Temple professor discusses book on education and grassroots organizing


Our opinion: It’s about time


Audit: Mismanagement at Parking Authority cheated District out of nearly $80 million

PPA spent money on pay raises and comp time, while school budgets were slashed.


Coding: The new literacy?

The city is launching a campaign to bring computer science to all students.


A private school just for foster children

Most kids arrive ‘mad at the world,’ the CEO says. ‘They want to know: Why are people not taking care of me?’

More from Winter 2017: Foster care and education

Journeys to C.B. Community School

Four students share their stories.

More from Winter 2017: Foster care and education

How we are failing the city's foster children

The statistics on the education of kids in foster care tell a grim story. In Philadelphia, schools, advocates and organizations are working to write a happier ending.

More from Winter 2017: Foster care and education

Judge dismisses Green's suit over lost SRC chairmanship


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Feds raid offices of CEO of Universal Companies

A company spokesman says Universal itself is not a target.


Nine new charter schools apply to open in Philly

by whyy news

SRC votes to dissolve, taking first step toward local control of schools

The tally was 3-1, with one abstention. The School Reform Commission has governed the District for 16 years. A new Board of Education is expected to start on July 1.

by Dale Mezzacappa and Avi Wolfman-Arent breaking news

How students and advocates joined forces for clean water


Lead testing of water in schools is finished

The overall picture in the District looks better, but some recent findings are alarming.


WE caucus confronts white supremacy at fourth annual conference


Kenney seeks local control, more money for schools

He offered ideas, but no plan for how to get the additional funding.


Want to donate to Philly schools? New system makes it easy

Philly FUNDamentals allows anyone to easily find a school and project to support, said Mayor Kenney.


Notes from the news - December 13

The latest headlines in Philly education

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Foster me … foster reading … foster success

I am from a mystery – America’s 14th-21st century to no history Germantown, North and West Philly, Cobbs Creek Parkway and praying all day I am from my mother’s birth pains to my foster mother’s gain ~Robin Muldor-Engram

Wearing Coates: Carver students living in Trump’s America

Student writers met with the acclaimed author Ta-Nehisi Coates before a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania last week. Here are their reflections.

by Gabrielle Browne, James Hillyard, C’Essence Palmer and Tiffany Roberts

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