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Welcome to our redesigned site

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We just launched our new site! Please take a moment to look around, this site has several new features. Most notably, the Notebook has expanded to another medium: blogging.

And we need your help with naming our blog.

Please comment on this post with suggestions or email us. Right now you can read posts from Len Rieser, Alesha Jackson, Debbie Wei, Helen Gym, Dale Mezzacappa, and Eric Braxton, and you'll continue to see updates from bloggers with a variety of perspectives on education in Philadelphia.

Now, we have pages targeted at different reader groups: for parents, for teachers, and for students. You can also share our articles with social sharing sites like Digg and Reddit.

Our archives are all still available. We're working on moving all of the content to this new site and now we have all of our work for the past two years here. As we move the content over you'll be able to search for it and sort through it in new ways.

Feel free to register as a user of our site. As a user of our site you'll be able to keep track of your comments, access any user-only content, and join a community of active readers!

Leave us a comment or email us with any questions or feedback. We will continue to add features to the site over the next few months and welcome your input.

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