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In case you missed it -- Feb. 20




Lots of big news this week, between the Obama stimulus and the Ackerman strategic plan.

The New York Times explains the power that the stimulus package gives Arne Duncan here. The Times also has a story about the changing role of the school librarian. Those that remain, at any rate.

Check here for Inquirer and Daily News coverage of the unveiling of Superintendent Ackerman's strategic plan draft. Mensah Dean does a separate story about the dustup between Ackerman and SRC member Heidi Ramirez here.

How much will the Philadelphia school district get from the stimulus package and is it a big infusion or isn't it? Michael Masch takes a stab an explaining that in this story.

In a follow-up to Gov. Rendell's call for school district consolidation, columnist Monica Yant Kinney of The Inquirer profiles the tiny, struggling Morrisville school district and explains how its richer neighbors have turned up their noses at all prior efforts to merge.

Cellphones as learning tools? In one district in Texas, they are.

Finally, two more Times' stories: one about how even a sanitized version of the musical Rent is too wild for some schools, and -- my favorite of the week -- another about college students feeling entitled to top grades just for showing up and trying hard.



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