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With a print edition, daily updated blog, and e-newsletter, the Notebook publishes a lot of information. Here's a rundown of ways to use all that we offer.

Ways to learn:

Starting with the 2009-20 school year you can pick up a copy of the print edition six times a year, instead of four. In every edition you'll find the following:

  • Theme articles-Each edition is focused on a theme and has several articles that delve into that topic. Check back soon for:
    • our NEW fall guide with information about applying to Philly high schools, and
    • a fall edition focused on early childhood.
  • Other news & features-This is where you can find news that is not related to the theme including District, state, and national news.
  • Cartoon-Every edition of the Notebook includes a news-related cartoon by Eric Joselyn.
  • In Our Opinion-The Notebook editorial board guides the creation of each edition of the paper and presents its opinion on important issues relating to the theme.issue.
  • Letters to the Editors-Readers have a chance to respond to previous articles or discuss their concerns.
  • Eye on special education-These articles explore current issues in special education in Phialdelphia.
  • School Snapshot-A photo from a school or a school-related event.
  • News in Brief-Shorter news articles about important developments.
  • Activism around the city-Coverage of education activism events in Philadelphia.
  • Sports stories and Quick takes-Two new departments this year. Coverage of school sports teams and interviews with students, parents, and teachers about questions relating to the edition theme.
  • En Español-A few articles from every edition are translated into Spanish.

Every day the Notebook blog has breaking news, commentary and analysis, notes from current teachers, updates on the budget, and more!

Our NEWSFLASH e-newsletter includes a main scoop, news from the SRC, and events listing.

You can find more content through our sitemap and by visiting our pages specifically for parents, teachers, and students.

Ways to interact:Ways to get involved:

Something you want to see here? Let us know any suggestions you have!

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