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Notes from the news, June 10




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SRC does not respond to West council pleas The Notebook blog
West Philly's School Advisory Council called for the SRC to approve Johns Hopkins/Diplomas Now as the school's Renaissance provider, but the SRC didn't act.

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No overhaul this year for West Phila. High The Inquirer

Ackerman names new second-in-command The Inquirer
Rumors swirled about a staff shakeup in District leadership, but the only announced change was appointing Leroy Nunery as deputy superintendent.

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Nunery: second in charge The Notebook blog

Next week: charter renewals, not expansions The Notebook blog
The SRC will take up the renewals of 11 charters on June 16, but not requests for changes in grade configurations or enrollment.

Ex-teacher learns the hard way: Watch what you put online The Inquirer
The PSEA advises teachers not to blog about "job duties, colleagues, supervisors, or students."

PCHR participants talk about the real business of school The Notebook blog
At the seventh in a series of 11 hearings on school violence, students, principals, teachers, and others described positive steps taken to address violence.

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