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In case you missed it: Funding, study time, internships, dropout rates




Obama's education program faces $500M cut despite veto threat The Washington Post
House Democrats passed the bill to cut funding to Obama's "Race to the Top" program last Thursday. Despite a veto threat from the White House, the representatives believe the bill will preserve education jobs in areas where budgets are floundering.

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What happened to studying? The Boston Globe
Studies reveal that college students are studying significantly less than they did 50 years ago. But instead of pointing fingers at the Internet and technology, University of California professors Philip Babcock and Mindy Marks suggest that students arrive with underprepared study skills and anticipate entering a job market that is less focused on grades.

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Philadelphia-area law firms cutting back on summer internships The Philadelphia Inquirer
Law firms in the Philadelphia area are cutting back - and in some cases, completely dropping - their internship programs in response to the struggling job market and pressure from new federal guidlines.

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Money Talks Ed Beat
Graduation rates continue to be a hot topic as summer unfolds. The Alliance for Excellent Education hones in on the possible economic benefits of slashing dropout rates.

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