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In case you missed it: Teachers, teachers, teachers




Rhee dismisses 241 D.C. teachers; union vows to contest firings The Washington Post
When her newly implemented IMPACT evaluation revealed a startling number of teachers to be ineffective and unlicensed, Michelle Rhee immediately let them go - and warned 737 others ranked "minimally effective" that they will face similar fates if they do not change their scores within a year.

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School Chief Dismisses 241 Teachers in Washington The New York Times
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The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers The New York Times
Launched in the 1980s to measure how kindergarten education effects success in adult lives, Project Star was not expected to reveal exciting results. But 30 years later, it did.

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Chicago Teachers Union Demands Freeze on All New CPS Hires WBEZ 91.5
In an effort to close its behemoth budget gap, union president Karen Lewis urges the district to cancel its contract with Teach for America and place a hiring freeze on new teachers. For Philadelphians, this is a familiar issue.

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Judge Underhill clearly doesn't watch "Glee." The Educated Reporter
Does cheerleading count as a sport?  Not according to judge Stefan Underhill, who has ruled it "underdeveloped and disorganized" despite its strenuous and highly competitive nature.

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