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In case you missed it: Questions of accountability




Who's teaching L.A.'s kids? Los Angeles Times
How accountable is a single teacher? The movement to rate teacher effectiveness via student test score data is brought to an intriguing light in this provocative and controversial story by the LA Times.

See also: Willingham: Big questions about the LA Times teachers project The Washington Post
The Great Bourgeois Cultural Revolution: The Politics of Naming Names in the Service of a Market Vision of Education Edwize
Is John Smith the worst teacher in Los Angeles? The Educated Reporter
LA Confidential? Eduwonk

ACT 2010 Roundup: Who covered it best? This Week in Education
The end of August means the beginning of college. The ACT is gaining popularity among students applying to college, but data suggests a disparity between "college-readiness" and lower test scores.

See also: More Md., Va. students taking ACT for college entrance, data show The Washington Post
College Ready Should Mean Accepted to College The Core Knowledge Blog

Younger Kids In Class May Be Overdiagnosed with ADHD NPR
Recent studies suggest that as many as one million children could be misdiagnosed with ADHD simply because they are too young for the classroom.

See also: Youngest in class get ADHD label USA Today

Minnesota Not Feeling Common Core ASCD
Although all 19 Race to the Top round two finalists have adopted the Common Core for their states, Minnesota chooses to stay firm and go its own way.

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