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Notes from the news, Aug. 31




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Fewer teacher vacancies as school is about to start Daily News
Thirty-eight vacancies remain and the hiring freeze was lifted, in certain subject areas, last Friday.

Expert: Feds will pressure settlement for South Philly High WHYY
A law professor says the feds have gotten involved in similar situations before, which can even grow to include civil litigation against the District.

Another look at the AYP news The Notebook blog
Three bloggers reflect on the recent news of continued increases in PSSA scores and AYP attainment.

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Sharing credit for AYP gains The Notebook blog
Attendance and AYP The Notebook blog
Meade School: Good job! Good job! The Notebook blog

Finishing the Pa budget: additional money should not just go to schools Patriot-News (opinion)
Spending on public schools has come at the expense of other things like higher ed and libraries.

Phila. Kids Get Backpacks in Back-to-School Giveaway KYW

Crew try-outs for Philadelphia public schools WHYY

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