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Here you can find a list of all of the public high schools in Philadelphia.

Types of high schools

Citywide admission high schools Students citywide are eligible to apply to these 12 high schools, and those who meet the criteria are entered into a lottery. Each school has different admissions criteria, but most require that students have passing grades in all major subjects and maintain a good attendance, behavior, and punctuality record.

Neighborhood high schools These 32 schools have geographic boundaries; students are guaranteed admission if their school for grade 8 falls within the feeder pattern. Those living outside of the feeder pattern may also apply, but admission is based on available space and determined through a lottery.

Special admission high schools These 17 high schools have specific admissions requirements in the areas of test scores, grades earned in core subjects, and attendance and behavior records. Two other schools have special admissions programs within them. Students across the city may apply.

Charter high schools There are 29 charters serving the high school grades. They are not District-operated – each functions as an independent district. Any Philadelphia student may apply to any charter school, and schools are required to choose students by lottery if there are more applicants than slots. They are not allowed to exclude applicants based on grades or test scores or other aspects of their record. But each school has its own procedures and deadlines, as well as different interview, orientation, and paperwork requirements for students and parents before enrollment is guaranteed.

Key to the school profiles

This is a directory of District and charter high schools. The contact information and demographic data for District schools are from the School District of Philadelphia. Charter school data are compiled from the District and from charter school annual reports filed with the state. Sports information is from the PIAA. All schools were asked to complete a survey. This information is self-reported by the schools:

  • “New this year,”
  • “Recent improvements,”
  • “Points of pride,”
  • “Career and Technical Education programs,”
  • “AP courses,”
  • "Foreign languages,”
  • “Student Success Center,” and
  • “Activities & special programs.”

Abbreviations used throughout the listings:

  • NR = No response by the school
  • NA = Not applicable/available
  • AP = Advanced Placement
  • AYP = Adequate Yearly Progress
  • CTE = Career and Technical Education
  • DOL = Department of Labor (U.S.)
  • PIAA = Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association
  • * = These sports are not authorized for PIAA competition

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