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A Notebook update: More members, more activity

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Public School Notebook's membership ranks grew significantly in 2010, as we added nearly 200 new dues-paying members. Our warmest thanks go out to them for being part of the Notebook's community of reader-supporters.

Like much of the news media, the Notebook is working hard to develop new and sustainable business models for supporting independent public interest journalism. Financial contributions from a growing membership are a crucial component of our approach to covering our publication costs.

The 2011 membership campaign is underway – we encourage you to join. We are looking to surpass 500 members this year.

As part of its effort to build a community of people committed to educational improvement in Philadelphia, the Notebook hosts occasional events for members and others. On December 1, the Notebook co-sponsored with the Teacher Action Group a showing of the documentary film "A Community Concern," directed by Susan Zeig. The film highlighted efforts of organized parent and community groups in three different cities to bring about a positive transformation of their schools. A crowd of 50 attended the screening, hosted by Youth United for Change, and participated in a discussion afterward about community organizing efforts and Philadelphia schools.

To keep posted on upcoming events, including the Notebook's June "Turning the Page for Change" celebration, we encourage you to become a member of the Notebook today. Basic membership starts at $30.

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Paul Socolar

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