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Notes from the news, Apr. 25




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Ackerman speaks about 'secret' meeting on King charter The Notebook blog
Superintendent Ackerman acknowledged that Deputy Superintendent Leroy Nunery was in the closed-door meeting about King's management.

See also: District: Nunery sat 'shocked' in March meeting The Notebook blog
Ackerman: Nunery never shared meeting details The Notebook blog
King SAC chair: Archie pressured us The Notebook blog
Commentary: A scandal that can't be ignored The Notebook blog
Deputy superintendent attended King High School private meeting The Inquirer

Violent city schools are result of a lack of strong leadership (opinion)
Op-ed from auditor general Jack Wagner that calls violence the "No. 1" problem in Philly schools.

Pushout stories correspond to, challenge school reform commission findings Voice of Philadelphia
Students discuss their stories of being pushed out of school.

District: Despite budget woes, 'we will make it work' The Notebook blog
The final installment in a five-part series about the facilities master plan.

PA School Talk Live Discussions, Apr. 21-27 PA School Talk
The site will host daily live discussions about vouchers at 1 p.m.

Enough Already Practical Theory blog
The divisive tone of the education debate needs to stop.

Budget ax threatens school nurses The Inquirer

Is Teaching an Art or a Science? Philly Teacher blog

Voucher Contributions Keystone State Education Coalition

Kristen Graham chats Philly schools Monday 4 p.m. Philly School Files blog

School voucher issue in debate Philadelphia Tribune

Benjamin Franklin students, staff relocated due to health hazard The Hall Monitor blog

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