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School Profiles from School District

Total enrollment and percentage breakdown of student body based on ethnicity, economic disadvantage, English language learners, and special education.

The “Additional Data” section is the only place with data relating to climate: student and teacher attendance rates, student suspensions, serious incidents, and student turnover during the year. Bar graph alert: If you want to compare schools, the height of the bars is misleading. Each school’s graph has its own scale.

School Annual Reports for all high schools from School District

Snapshot of each school showing test scores, achievement gaps among ethnic groups, percentage of students on track to graduation, dropout rate, and (self-reported) percentage of students getting college/career counseling and taking college entrance exams.

There are also indicators relating to school operations, community satisfaction, and other milestones chosen by the school. Helpful symbols indicate whether targets were met and how the school compares to others in the District.

School Performance Index from School District

Scale that shows how each high school stacks up on a variety of indicators in the annual reports compared to all city public high schools and to a group with similar demographics. Schools are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 in each category, with 1 being the best and 10 the worst. In 2010, charter schools here are also given an SPI score for the first time.



Academic Achievement Report from Pennsylvania Department of Education

State-operated site includes an adequate yearly progress report and a report card on each school, with information required by No Child Left Behind – primarily graduation rates and student proficiency rates on the state test. Test score information can be viewed in various ways, including year-by-year trends.

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