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Corbett details education plan




This morning, Gov. Corbett described his plans for education reform during a speech at Lincoln Charter High School in York. "We have to think and act smarter," Corbett said.

Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer live tweeted the speech. WHYY's Mary Wilson reported on Newsworks

Governor Tom Corbett has announced his four-part plan for education reform in Pennsylvania.

Corbett wants to put a state commission in charge of approving and overseeing charter schools; he said school districts shouldn't hold all the power to approve new charters.

Corbett also wants to make sure vouchers allow students from low-income families to pick their school, when they would otherwise be attending one of the state's worst-performing schools.

But, he added, vouchers won't leave public schools high and dry.

"What moves to the new school is the state subsidy. The old school still keeps its taxes in their school district," he said Tuesday during an appearance in York.

The governor said he also wants to expand the tax credit program for businesses that fund scholarships. And Corbett said teacher evaluations should be based in part on student performance and should help determine merit pay and tenure.

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