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A closer look: 44 schools to be closed or relocated

  • closures relocations map

  • grade reconfigurations


  • Proficiency rates in reading are from the PA Department of Education results of the 2012 PSSA exam (see
  • All other data, including the data on utilization and facility condition are from the School District of Philadelphia. The Notebook did not independently verify the accuracy of the School District data on building capacity and condition.
  • The red-yellow-green rating system is the Notebook’s.
  • Utilization is the building enrollment as a percentage of the building capacity as determined by the District. The District has said its goal for utilization is 85%. 


  • green block

 Utilization is 85% or more

  • yellow block

 Utilization is 60-84%

  • red block

 Utilization is less than 60%

  • Facility condition represents the data from the District’s facility condition index (FCI). The index is a ratio of the cost of needed repairs to the cost of replacing the building. A score of .50 means the cost of repairing the building is half the cost of replacement. Data are from fall 2011.


  • green block

 Facility condition index is less than .25

  • yellow block

 Facility condition index is .25-.49

  • red block

​ Facility condition index is .50 or more

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