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Bill Green to chair SRC, Jimenez to replace Dworetzky, sources say




Notebook sources and other news reports indicate that Gov. Corbett intends to nominate Councilman Bill Green as chair of the School Reform Commission on Friday and appoint Farah Jimenez, executive director of the People's Emergency Center, to fill a second seat on the commission being vacated by Joseph Dworetzky.

Corbett will visit Philadelphia and go to Central High School tomorrow, where he will cite three District schools for academic excellence, but it is not known whether he will make the announcement then.

Green, a Democrat, has given interviews on his ideas for improving the beleaguered system while officially declining comment on whether he was lobbying for the unpaid position. Sources said he is prepared to resign from Council if he is confirmed by the Pennsylvania Senate, a process that could take months.

Jimenez, a Republican, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and also has a law degree from the university. She has, since 2010, led the People's Emergency Center, which offers services, including education and shelter, to mostly homeless women and children. Before that, she worked 13 years at Mt. Airy, USA, an economic development organization that helped revitalize the neighborhood's commercial corridor. Last year, former Secretary of Eduation Ronald Tomalis nominated her to a task force on homeless children.

More coverage on Friday.




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Dale Mezzacappa

Dale is a contributing editor at the Notebook. She has reported on education since 1986, most of that time with The Philadelphia Inquirer.