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29 District schools to get new principals

Fewer schools see a leadership change than in previous years.
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For two tumultuous years, an alarming number of schools in the School District of Philadelphia opened with new principals at the helm. This year, there have been far fewer principal departures.

Come fall, 29 of 224 District schools will open with new principals, according to the most recent list of school principal assignments released earlier this month. Last year, one-fifth of all schools had new leaders; the year before that, a quarter of them did

Six of the 29 schools did not yet have new principals chosen when the list was published. 

Of the 23 principals already named, 14 will be new to their schools this year. Five of those 14 are also new to the School District. Eleven of the 23 appointees are first-time school leaders. 

Below is the list of schools that will see new principals this coming school year.

Editors' note: An earlier version incorrectly reported a change in the principalship at Lowell School. David Lugo is remaining as principal of Lowell. We regret the error.

School 2014-15 Principal 2015-16 Principal
Baldi Middle  Eugene McLaughlin Luke Hostetter
Blankenburg Elementary Yvette Jackson TBD
Bregy Elementary Christopher Wiler Shakeera Warthen
J. H. Brown Elementary Ellen DeNofa Arthurea Smith
Cook-Wissahickon Elementary Melanie Lewin TBD
Cooke Elementary Lisa Bell-Chiles TBD
F. S. Edmonds Elementary Sharon Finzimer TBD
Elkin Elementary Mary Sanchez Evelyn Nunez
Feltonville Intermediate  Lisa Matthews TBD
Feltonville School of Arts & Sciences Michael Reid John Piniat
Frankford High Reginald Fisher Michael Calderone
Gideon Elementary Jeannine Hendricks Shaunneille Taylor
Hackett Elementary Randi Klein-Davila Todd Kimmell
Harding Middle Michael Calderone Mary Sanchez
Kensington International Business Patricia Parson Renato Lajara
Kensington Urban Academy Jovan Moore Renato Lajara
Kirkbride Elementary Victoria Magness Rebecca Julien
Lincoln High Donald Anticoli Jack Nelson
Lingelbach Elementary Marc Gosselin Lisa Matthews
Grover Washington Middle Terry Pearsall-Hargett Jovan Moore
Martha Washington Elementary Michael Smith Allayna Ratliff
Mitchell Elementary Cheryl Hackett Stephanie Andrewlevich
Morris Elementary Kathleen Dopkin TBD
Overbrook High Angela Thompson Yvette Jackson
Sheppard Elementary John Piniat Marisol Rodriguez
Steel Elementary Mary Bonner Jamal Dennis
The LINC Chris Black, Franny Deal Bridget Bujak
Vare-Washington Elementary Carolyn Williams Zachary Duberstein
Wright Elementary Shauneille Taylor Jeannine Hendricks

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