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Pa. considers revising vaccination requirements




Pennsylvania schoolchildren who show up for classes without all their immunizations would have far less time to get up to date under a new proposal put forth by the state Department of Health.

There will be plenty of debate on the proposal in coming months, but Pennsylvania's health secretary said families should have five days – instead of eight months – to get school children vaccinated.

Nancy Kaminski, legislative chair for Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners, said the change won't add to the workload of school nurses. Actually, she said, it could help them do their jobs prompting families to submit proof of vaccination.

"As it stands now, sometimes we are following up for eight months to try to get them in -- sending reminders. Now, that cuts that time and puts a little more teeth behind the regulations," Kaminski said. "If it's not in, in that timely fashion, they can be excluded from school."

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