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After SRC loses again in court, Neff says charter funding reform a must

The Pa. Supreme Court denied an appeal to reconsider a ruling with wide-reaching implications.
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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has delivered another blow to the Philadelphia School Reform Commission.

The SRC had hoped the court would reconsider a February ruling that blunted the commission's power. On Monday, the court denied that appeal.

The prior ruling found that the state legislature acted unconstitutionally by delegating power to the SRC too broadly when it created the body to oversee Philadelphia public schools nearly 15 years ago.

The decision has wide-reaching implications for two sectors that are typically at odds.

Charter schools with unsigned agreements are now within the law to expand enrollment without District permission.  If charter enrollment is increased significantly, that could have catastrophic fiscal consequences for the District.

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Kevin McCorry

Kevin is WHYY/NewsWorks' senior education writer.