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Three revealing charts on state per-pupil funding in Pa. public schools

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Recently, we published a story that analyzed the effects of the dramatic enrollment swings that have taken place in Pennsylvania school districts over the past 25 years.

An interactive graphic was included in that piece, but it's worth noting as a tool in and of itself.

The graphic is shareable, downloadable and viewable in full-screen mode. 

The first tile in the graphic allows users to see the clear correlation between enrollment change and per-pupil state basic education funding. In general, because of the state's "hold harmless" policy, the more students a district lost, the better its rank in per-pupil state funding.

Using the sliders on the right, you can see how correlations change based on race and level of funding.

The second tile compares median household income with state funding allocations. In general, poorer districts receive more state funding, but the graphic highlights some important disparities.

For instance, it shows that many districts that serve mostly students of color receive less per-pupil state support compared with many predominantly white districts of equal or higher wealth.

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Kevin McCorry

Kevin is WHYY/NewsWorks' senior education writer.