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Don't miss your shot to win prime tickets for 'Hamilton'!

Notebook donors could spend part of Presidents' Day weekend seeing this Broadway hit. The deadline for entry is Jan. 19, and your gift will be doubled.
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As part of a campaign to raise $25,000 by Jan. 19, the Notebook is holding a drawing for two tickets to see the award-winning Hamilton: An American Musical on Broadway during Presidents' Day weekend.

Anyone who donates $75 or more from Dec. 19 through Jan. 19 will be automatically entered to win. 

The tickets, which are valued at just under $3,000, are for seats in the front mezzanine at the Richard Rodgers Theater for the 3 p.m. performance on Feb. 19, 2017.

Click here to donate and enter now.  For contest rules and other ways to enter, see below.

The Notebook fundraising campaign is part of the Knight News Match. The Notebook is one of 57 nonprofit news organizations from across the country to be selected by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for the matching grant program. 

Individuals can donate now through Jan. 19, 2017, to have their contributions to the Notebook doubled up to $1,000. The Knight Foundation will match up to $25,000 in total donations. As of Jan. 4, the Notebook was just $5,000 away from meeting the $25,000 goal.

"It is difficult to overstate the value of this matching opportunity for the Notebook," said Maria Archangelo, publisher and executive director. "The additional $25,000 that we can receive if we raise $25,000 will allow us to further expand our reporting on Philadelphia's schools and include multimedia elements, such as audio and video. This is an incredible opportunity for the Notebook, and we are truly grateful."

Archangelo said the money also would help expand the Notebook's efforts to engage with people who care about education in the city – parents, students, and civic and community leaders – and give them opportunities to work together to solve the thorniest issues facing city schools.

The Knight Foundation is a leading supporter of nonprofit journalism and projects that advance the practice of journalism in the digital age. The foundation continues the legacy of its founders, John S. and James L. Knight, newspaper publishers who believed that informed and engaged communities are essential to a healthy democracy.

"Journalism is facing many challenges. At the same time, the desire for quality journalism and in-depth reporting is clear, as more and more people turn to nonprofit outlets for information they can trust," said Jennifer Preston, Knight Foundation vice president for journalism. "With this effort, we are hoping to drive awareness and expand the donor base for nonprofit news organizations, big and small, that are producing journalism in the public interest. To continue their work, these news organizations need a passionate, dedicated community of supporters."

Donations can be made online or by mail to 699 Ranstead St., 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106.       
About the Hamilton ticket giveaway
What is the prize?
The prize is two prime tickets to Hamilton: An American Musical at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway for the Sunday, Feb. 19, matinee. The tickets, which are in the front mezzanine section, are valued at just under $3,000.
How am I entered to win? Where can I enter to win?
You are automatically entered to win by making a donation of $75 or more to the Notebook. Donations can be made online or by mail (The Notebook, 699 Ranstead St., 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106). Eligible entrants must provide their (1) name (2) address and (3) email address or phone number as part of their donation.
Do I need to make a gift to enter to win?
No, but we hope you will support our efforts to cover Philadelphia's public schools and to press for increased quality and equity. If you prefer to make a smaller donation or not to donate at this time, simply send an email to with your (1) name (2) address and (3) email address or phone number.
How many entries are permitted per person?
One entry per individual is allowed. You must be 18 or older to enter. You can give any amount $75 and over.
When does the contest end?
The final deadline for entry is Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Winners need not be present to win.
How will the winner be selected?
The winner will be selected by random drawing on site at The Philadelphia Public School Notebook at noon on Friday, Jan. 20. We will notify the winner immediately.
How will the winner be notified?
The Notebook will make reasonable efforts to contact the winner using information provided on the winning entry form. The first contact method will be by phone call and/or email. If a winner does not contact the Notebook within 10 business days after the first initial contact, the Notebook will send notification through certified mail. After an additional 10 business days, the Notebook may, at its option, award another person the prize. The Notebook will not award the prize to the drawing winner if that person (a) was ineligible to participate, (b) provided materially false or misleading information, or (c) if participating or receiving a prize is prohibited with respect to such person pursuant to these Rules or Applicable Law. Instead, another entrant's name will be drawn as the winner. 
Who is eligible to enter?
To be eligible to enter, you must (a) be at least 18 years old at the time of entry, (b) be a U.S. resident physically residing in the United States or District of Columbia and (c) not be precluded by Applicable Law from holding participating. Notebook employees and board members may not enter and are not eligible to win a prize.

Make your donation now and be entered to win



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