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Notes from the News - September 1

The latest headlines in Philly education




With school about to start, District "clarified" uniform policy Notebook

Pa. school leaders anxious, still stinging from 2015 as 2017 state budget talks again linger NewsWorks

McMichael Elementary gets renovations in preparation for the school year Notebook

Nonwhite students slow to seek mental health counseling for which they’re more in need Hechinger Report

These Education Leaders Don’t Care About Immigration Status, Students Are Their Top Priority Education Post

Pa. budget needs to be shaken up

Octavius V. Catto statue to be unveiled Tribune

Philadelphia district ready for the new school year WHYY

Philly archdiocese, Catholic high school teachers in talks as contract set to expire

The latest education news from across the state

Please email if we missed anything today or if you have any suggestions of publications, email lists, or other places for us to check for news. 

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