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An explosive debate about Renaissance schools

The bitter, divisive battle over turning struggling District schools into charters.


Schools closed again Tuesday

Staffing woes plague District schools this year

A breakdown in providing substitutes, on top of a surge in teacher vacancies, has left some students doing busywork.


Hite’s big-ticket plan includes turnarounds, new schools

The superintendent’s proposal, expected to cost at least $15 million, also would close two middle schools.


Hoping for a year without reductions, closures, and cuts

Despite budget uncertainty, Superintendent Hite says he’ll push for “great schools close to where children live.”


Budget uncertainty plagues principals, planning

School leaders must plan for austerity and provide a wish list for what more dollars could buy.


Superintendent touts latest District reform blueprint

Called Action Plan 3.0, the proposal would reorganize schools and allow some charter expansion. It calls for a new state charter funding formula.


Gov. Wolf names Pedro Rivera as state education secretary


District’s new financial plan clarifies what the needs are


2014 brought charters a chance at expansion

The District must decide by Feb. 21 what to do with 40 new applicants. Meanwhile, two charters closed midyear.

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