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charter schools

Articles about the growing charter school sector in Philadelphia and the political debates about charters.


SRC approves nonrenewal of Lab Charter, tables decision on Memphis Street

Members urge parents to see to it that operational problems are fixed. Eight other charters are renewed.


May Day will be busy: Teachers organize day of advocacy, SRC to vote on charter renewals


Hesitating over terms, several Philly charters decline to sign renewal agreements with district

SRC lists 12 charter votes, including two recommended for nonrenewal, for Monday vote

by breaking news

Updated: A closer look at charter renewal recommendations

by Dale Mezzacappa and Greg Windle

Charter law vote postponed, District to vote on 26 renewals next week

Universal gave up its last charter in Milwaukee this month.


Charter law voted out of committee, revisions likely

by Dale Mezzacappa and Greg Windle

District releases new Annual Charter Evaluations

This year, the ACEs include more information, comparisons and data


Letter to the editor: Focus on those who break the links among poverty, race, and academic performance

by Deb Weiner commentary

SRC to vote today on new charter applications

by the Notebook

State auditor general to audit Philly ASPIRA schools

by thenotebook
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