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funding equity

Two schools: 15 miles and worlds apart

RFA report details depth of inequity in Pa. education


State Supreme Court hears arguments that school funding is unfair

The plaintiffs urged the justices to intervene, saying the current system has led to large inequities. Attorneys for the state contend that school funding is "political" and that the judiciary has no role.

by Dale Mezzacappa and Kevin McCorry

School funding lawsuit set for hearing today

The justices will be asked to determine whether they should intervene. Gov. Wolf says no.


Study examines how district boundaries exacerbate school segregation

Six of the 50 most segregating borders are in Pennsylvania.


The school integration plan in Erie that could fast-track equity


The story of Pennsylvania's per pupil school funding in two maps and a chart


How the new Pa. school funding formula sees districts' needs

For the small part of aid driven by the calculation, the state recognizes the various burdens that educators face.

The path forward: Q&A with Lisa Haver


SRC won't adopt 'Doomsday II' budget

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