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SRC to vote on charter conversions, renewals, and non-renewals

Councilwoman Helen Gym is calling for a moratorium on charter conversions. The SRC will consider four Renaissance non-renewal recommendations.


Here's why Universal Audenried's charter should be renewed

The most compelling argument to renew Universal Audenried is made by the District itself, says the school's principal.

by Blanchard Diavua commentary

Charter school office: Approve all three Renaissance charter bids

The recommendations come with conditions. The SRC will vote on the applications Thursday.


Head of charter office says non-renewals of four Renaissance charters show oversight is working


District recommends non-renewal of four Renaissance charters


Emails show effort to sway SRC on Wister charter conversion

Documents reveal the Philadelphia School Partnership moved to influence SRC members. PSP says its preference for Renaissance charters is no secret.


District posts Renaissance charter applications

Read the submissions from the three operators matched with Wister, Huey and Cooke Elementaries.


Simms, Divine, and the Wister vote: A question of interest

The commissioner has not disclosed who is funding her sister's position with a pro-charter consulting group. Experts weigh in on the ethical issues involved.


Numerous concerns raised about designated Renaissance school operator

Councilwoman Gym is calling for the District to drop Great Oaks as a Renaissance charter provider.


At Wister, parents and activists stage walk-in to protest Mastery takeover

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