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behavioral health

Baltimore city schools respond to crisis with behavioral health programs


Baltimore school police help shift school climate


Hearing a child crying out

Baltimore schools are putting an increased focus on helping student deal with trauma


Schools must identify and address mental and behavioral health needs

by Maura McInerney

Where to find behavioral programs and info

by Compiled by Camille DeRamos and Amy Xu

Schools focus on being more 'trauma aware'

The superintendent and the mayor's top education official talk about addressing mental health needs.


To get services, English learners face extra obstacles

The behavioral health system is complex. Any language barrier makes it even tougher to navigate.

by Amy Xu

Trauma hurts, but don’t look away. Instead, look around for the helpers.

by commentary

North Philly neighbors wrestle with stress

The New Eyes program is teaching adults to handle situations before they result in trauma.


Blunt talk, from personal experience

Some schools have speakers in to share their stories of addiction and mental health issues, while others are experimenting with mindfulness.

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