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renaissance schools

Plan to privatize 3 schools is inconsistent and a gross overreach

by Susan DeJarnartt, et al. commentary

Wister Elementary students deserve a better school now, not later

by Alisha Grant, Dionne Garrison Hubert, and Anita Hamilton commentary

District counsel issues opinion that Simms had no conflict on Wister-Mastery vote


SRC overrules Superintendent Hite, moves to convert three schools into charters


In bombshell, SRC defies Hite, votes to turn Wister over to Mastery

Two schools had been recommended for Renaissance charter conversion. After a "walk-on resolution," three were approved. Each provider's application must still win approval.


As SRC prepares to vote on Renaissance schools, questions raised about providers

Councilwoman Gym demands more information on vetting process for charter providers.


There's hope for public education

School communities are fighting back against charter takeovers.

by Kendra Brooks commentary

Hite made the wrong decision on Wister

While the school has seen growth, parents want and deserve much more.

by Jonathan Cetel commentary

Hite recommends two schools for charter conversion, reverses course on a third

In a surprise move, Wister Elementary in Germantown will remain under the District's control.


District and Penn team up to study school turnarounds

Notebook's Paul Socolar will be on the advisory board.

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