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A tale of two schools

At one school targeted for overhaul, parents, students, and community members showed up in droves to defend the staff. At the other, the auditorium was nearly empty.

by Dale Mezzacappa and Avi Wolfman-Arent newsworks

Requiem for the old reliable school vending machine?

About 10 years ago, the District made over a half-million dollars in vending machine commissions. But the snack dispensers are declining in revenue and popularity.

by newsworks

How 25 years of changing enrollment has created winners and losers in Pa. school funding

Eighty-six school districts have seen their student populations grow by 25 percent since 1991.

by newsworks

It's official: Expanded Philly pre-K has arrived

by newsworks

Faculty strike at 14 Pennsylvania public universities

by newsworks

Federal report on charter schools elicits more calls to revise Pa. law

The report, which studied 33 charter management organizations in six states, found that two-thirds were cause for concern.

by newsworks

Gov. Wolf to nominate Estelle Richman for SRC

by newsworks

As protesters urge the SRC to disband, vote on ASPIRA charters postponed again

Details revealed on PFT contract offers and counter-offers. Departing chair Marjorie Neff says that the PFT’s proposals 'continue to operate in a financial reality that does not exist.'

by Dale Mezzacappa, Darryl Murphy and Avi Wolfman-Arent newsworks

Legal battles between Philly school district, teachers union a lesson in excess

by newsworks

These 5 Philly schools made big test-score improvements. What's their secret?

by newsworks
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