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charter schools

Articles about the growing charter school sector in Philadelphia and the political debates about charters.


SRC stalls again on four contested charter schools

by Avi Wolfman-Arent and Darryl Murphy

Why are national civil rights groups calling for a moratorium on charter school expansion?

NAACP and Movement for Black Lives point to concerns over transparency and management


PDE handling of charter payment disputes costly to districts, audit finds

The state auditor general says that $30.5 million in contested payments remain unresolved. That includes more than $14 million related to Philadelphia.


State education secretary moderates panel on charter schools

by Darryl Murphy

CEO of Agora Cyber Charter calls for reforms

In response to a recent commentary piece, Conti rebuts criticisms of cyber charters.

by Dr. Michael Conti commentary

SRC bans suspension of kindergartners and students who violate dress code

The changes mark a shift away from "zero tolerance" policies.

by Darryl Murphy and Dale Mezzacappa

A pension loophole: How charters can exploit the 'bizarre' Pa. payment structure

When charters fail to pay into the retirement system, districts are on the hook.


Debate over Pa. charter schools gets swirled into larger state budget talks


Don't limit high-quality options for our students; HB530 deserves support

by Sharif El-Mekki commentary

20 reasons to vote no on Pa. HB530 charter school reform

The Keystone State Education Coalition weighs in on the bill.

by Lawrence A. Feinberg commentary
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