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district news

Despite objections, Philly SRC approves new teacher prep program to boost diversity

by newsworks

District announces teacher hiring push

It launched an ad campaign with a goal of hiring up to 1,000 new teachers.


Mastery Shoemaker students see a film and discuss mass incarceration

The charter hosted a screening of the film "13th" with advocacy group Mothers of Black Sons Move Philly.


Students seem to prefer charter schools dominated by members of their race, Pa. study finds

by newsworks

Selling Fox Chase: One kindergarten open house in the era of school choice

by newsworks

It's official: Philadelphia schools are closed Tuesday

by the notebook

Students leaving Philly schools for charters less costly than once thought, report says

by newsworks

Workshop School symposium tackles the topic of mass incarceration

Students created presentations that demonstrated the factors leading to the high rate of imprisonment in the United States.

by Darryl Murphy, video by Melanie Bavaria

Nearly 1,000 Philadelphia teachers are out on 'A Day Without a Woman'

by newsworks

Partnership between Philly Orchestra and KIPP provides instruments to students

by Camille DeRamos
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