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Quantifying the benefits of arts education


Pennsylvania bill would allow teachers to pack heat

by Katie Meyer newsworks

Calling all pre-K providers

Application process to partner with city’s pre-K program gets underway.

by Camille DeRamos

Changing climate and flattening Earth: Teaching science in a 'fake news' world

by newsworks

How music therapy is helping Philly kids with multiple disorders connect with others

by newsworks

Education spending going up but need, inequities remain

Advocates are working to increase overall state share of education aid to school districts.


Philly's community schools start to take shape

The city has released official plans for each of the nine schools.

by newsworks

What would an adequate budget for city schools actually look like?

The SRC told District officials to put one together that would let elected officials know what is actually needed


Combating violence: students take the issue into their own hands

U School students mentor younger peers and encourage artistic expression. The program grew out of the Aspen Challenge.


Free Library Sunday Literacy Program helps struggling readers

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