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SRC ignores pleas to take a vote on disbanding itself


Activists press for SRC to disband itself, push mayor to start the process


SRC to vote Thursday on downsized proposal for new special education program

Advocates say it is an improvement, but they still have concerns.

by Avi Wolfman-Arent and Dale Mezzacappa

SRC approves teachers' contract

PFT members have a contract for the first time in four years. Bill Green was the only no vote. He and Farah Jimenez warned of local tax hikes.

by Dale Mezzacappa and Avi Wolfman-Arent breaking news

Teachers to vote tonight on contract proposal


SRC’s origins and history explain why many want it gone

by commentary

SRC delays vote on $36 million contract for special ed school

City Council had passed a resolution urging rejection. At a contentious meeting, SRC also hears calls for it to vote itself out of existence.

by Dale Mezzacappa and Avi Wolfman-Arent

Thursday's SRC meeting: 112 pages of resolutions, dozens of new policies

Advocates are upset about a resolution on special education services. There are 10 charter amendments, 50-plus speakers ... and a demonstration against school closings planned.


In surprise, SRC approves Deep Roots charter, with conditions

It also approves a revised budget that will make new investments, including more ESL teachers and bilingual counseling assistance. But future deficits loom.


Activist group asks: Why did Bill Green leave SRC meetings?

Says bylaws were violated, may question validity of votes

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