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Another District history lesson

Know your rights: How a 504 plan can help your child succeed in school

by Maura McInerney

Charter Schools Office steps up its role

With a new leader and more staff, it has added annual evaluations for each school to its duties.


Public school kids at a viewing

Should it stay or go?

Some say it's time to abolish the controversial School Reform Commission and switch to local control.


SRC greets new era with Wilkerson as chair


Who should run Philadelphia's schools?

The Notebook, Philadelphia Media Network and Drexel University's School of Education will host a public forum to discuss alternative models of school system governance Dec. 8.

Mayor chooses Wilkerson, former Street chief of staff, for School Reform Commission

The governor plans to appoint her to lead the commission.


Gov. Wolf to nominate Estelle Richman for SRC

by newsworks

As protesters urge the SRC to disband, vote on ASPIRA charters postponed again

Details revealed on PFT contract offers and counter-offers. Departing chair Marjorie Neff says that the PFT’s proposals 'continue to operate in a financial reality that does not exist.'

by Dale Mezzacappa, Darryl Murphy and Avi Wolfman-Arent newsworks
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