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Walkthrough team deemed reading area 'clutter'

by Andrew Ganim

Lessons from teachers

by Anonymous

April edition cartoon

by Eric Joselyn

With Common Core, changes are coming to curriculum, tests

Critics warn that continued high-stakes testing and lack of teacher training may undermine this ambitious reform.


Education for Liberation Curriculum Fair set for April

by Anonymous

Riding the waves of curriculum change

A longtime 1st grade teacher reflects on staying creative through more than 40 years of new directives.

by by Bill Hangley, Jr.

Working on a new blueprint for schools she grew up in

With command-style leadership out of favor, Penny Nixon heads a collaborative effort to rethink the District's academic program.


Literacy instruction under 4 District leaders...

...a look at 30 years of curriculum change

by Anonymous

Quicktakes: What are some things that keep you engaged at school?

Students from Furness High and the JUNTOS Youth Group FUERZA! share what makes them look forward to going to class.


Reorganization is underway

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