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charter schools

Articles about the growing charter school sector in Philadelphia and the political debates about charters.


District posts Renaissance charter applications

Read the submissions from the three operators matched with Wister, Huey and Cooke Elementaries.


Numerous concerns raised about designated Renaissance school operator

Councilwoman Gym is calling for the District to drop Great Oaks as a Renaissance charter provider.


SRC approves three new charter schools

Russell Byers, KIPP, and Esperanza were approved to open new charter schools in the 2017-18 school year.


Supreme Court wipes out SRC's powers to waive provisions of Pa. school code

The ruling has huge implications for both charter schools and the union contract.


New charter schools could cost District millions more than expected

Last year, the District approved new charters assuming the cost would be neutral due to hoped-for charter school closures. They haven't gone as planned.


Proposed changes to state law would be more fair to all children

by Robert Fayfich commentary

District counsel issues opinion that Simms had no conflict on Wister-Mastery vote


Proposed changes to Pa. law would squander higher school funding

by Michael Churchill, Deborah Gordon Klehr, Susan Spicka commentary

The biggest Philadelphia education stories of 2015

A historic state budget impasse, Source4Teachers, a new mayor, a Notebook founder elected to City Council, and more.


School Code changes would make ensuring charter accountability impossible

by Bill Green commentary
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