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SRC to vote today on new charter applications

by the Notebook

DeVos confirmed as U.S. secretary of education: Here's what she can and can't do

by newsworks

Despite weeks of opposition, DeVos is confirmed – barely


Richman confirmation hearing for SRC seat is Tuesday


Toomey, under pressure from DeVos opponents, says he will vote for her

City Council members and disability rights groups pressed their case against the secretary of education nominee with the senator's staff. A barrage of messages to his offices across the state did not sway him.


State auditor general to audit Philly ASPIRA schools

by thenotebook

Under DeVos, here's how school choice might work


Teachers and students embrace Black Lives Matter Week in city schools

Organizers said people in 100 schools participated. Students said the activities were affirming. The District barred coverage of in-school events.


Rising costs of cyber charters beleaguer Pa. school districts

by newsworks

Multiple choice: Does Philadelphia have a teacher vacancy problem?

by newsworks
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