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school reform commission

Site selection of teachers now in place at 31 schools

District leaders call expansion of school-based hiring a 'top priority' for contract talks.

by Amy Rhodes

Vallas announces new reforms aimed at parents

by Kate Nelson

Coalition promotes student health, blasts soda

by Kate Nelson

The takeover -- one year later


La toma de las escuelas por parte del estado

¿Tienen todavía voz ante el Distrito Escolar los residentes de Filadelfia?

by Len Reiser

Quietly, battle over private management of schools rages on

Philadelphia reform experiment enters second year


Independent school proposals shelved for now

Local groups collect $2 million in grants but plans go nowhere.

by Aldustus Jordan

Are these the District's 'lowest performing schools?'

There are many problems with the label used to describe 86 schools now targeted for reform


District evaluates progress in the takeover schools

Getting information to the public about the impact of the reforms has been difficult

by Ajuah Helton

Understanding the state takeover of Philadelphia's schools

Analysis: do Philadelphians still have a voice at the School District?

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