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Philly Education News + Views
Independent. Reader-Supported

Interdistrict choice on rise - at least in law


Study says charters have fewer special ed students


After years of growth, Edison is smaller this fall


District begins tackling student vision problems


For many, the choice is another neighborhood's high school

Students say diversity, greater academic opportunities make it worth going across the city

by Amy Rhodes

Parents cross district lines, face criminal charges

by Laura Sullivan

Where else to go for school information


'School choice' and other white lies

School choice: promises and pitfalls

by Makani Themba-Nixon

Still no education budget, but funding fight continues

Rendell's school spending proposals have been blocked by opponents of a tax increase.

by Aldustus Jordan

A new year: initiatives focus on the classroom

As new curriculum debuts, District targets improved teaching

by Beandrea Davis
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