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Philly Education News + Views
Independent. Reader-Supported

Firm creating plan on community engagement in new school construction

by Sheila Simmons

Effort seeks to position Center City schools to compete for students

by Sheila Simmons

Lines of responsibility cross as violence shakes Edison school

by Sheila Simmons

Questions parents can ask about AYP and school performance

by Baruch Kintisch

Parent rights promised by NCLB often not exercised

by Keith Weissglass

State creates new ways to meet AYP targets

by Eva Travers

Struggling to make AYP: students' views from two schools

Some students are unhappy about methods used to achieve 'adequate yearly progress.'

by Ron Whitehorne

No Child Left Behind: local parent resources


Reading a No Child Left Behind 'school report card'


Students take part in high-turnout election

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