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Student transfer applications due in Nov.

by Erin Gilbert

Understanding Zero Tolerance

by Kate Nelson

Exhibit: 'Through Our Eyes'

Afterschool photographers get to show their work

by Kate Nelson

Inside a CEP school

by Kate Nelson

'Doing' multicultural education is continuing a struggle for democracy

by Shauna Brown

1967: African American students strike, survive police riot to force change

A student protest 35 years ago can be seen as the birth of multicultural education in Philadelphia

by Ron Whitehorne

In it together: teacher networks support multicultural education

PhilWP, Project SEED, and "Going Deeper" have helped teachers grapple with hard issues

by Shauna Brown

Taking multicultural, anti-racist education seriously

by Kate Nelson

School District Policy 102 Multiracial-Multicultural-Gender Education

by Kate Nelson

Policy 102: the District’s stated commitment to equity for all

1994 policy is a call to infuse multicultural education, but its promise is still unfulfilled

by Shauna Brown
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