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1967: African American students strike, survive police riot to force change

A student protest 35 years ago can be seen as the birth of multicultural education in Philadelphia

by Ron Whitehorne

In it together: teacher networks support multicultural education

PhilWP, Project SEED, and "Going Deeper" have helped teachers grapple with hard issues

by Shauna Brown

Taking multicultural, anti-racist education seriously

by Kate Nelson

School District Policy 102 Multiracial-Multicultural-Gender Education

by Kate Nelson

Policy 102: the District’s stated commitment to equity for all

1994 policy is a call to infuse multicultural education, but its promise is still unfulfilled

by Shauna Brown

Philly schools receive many students new to U.S.

Newcomers are entitled to services and have rights in the School District

by Jennifer Kerrs

Bartram students work to bridge cultural differences

Formation of an African Students Association was the spark for student efforts to prevent conflicts.

by Amy Rhodes

For further reading

by Kate Nelson

Multiculturalism has triggered change across the curriculum

Demands for diversity have fostered development of new resources, organizations

by Amy Stuart

Where to get more help:

by Kate Nelson
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