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book review

Celebrate Unity Day today with these books promoting compassion and speaking up

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

by Robin Muldor-Engram

An author whose poetry gives hope to children in time of despair

by Robin Muldor-Engram commentary

Fun reading for the summertime

Here are some titles for parents and students to consider to prevent the slide in learning that summer can bring.

by Robin Muldor-Engram

Cinco de Mayo: Books that demonstrate the contributions of a talented, hardworking people

by Robin Muldor-Engram commentary

More student reviews of culturally relevant books

by Salena Robinson and Shia Burton-Fishburn

Students review culturally relevant books

by Ethan Nguyen and Aniyah Jones

It's Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday. Drop everything and read!

by Robin Muldor

Great sci-fi series for middle schoolers

by Becky Shaknovich

Children's books that celebrate self-acceptance

by Liz Kenny

Reading and telling stories about the Black experience

More student reviews of culturally relevant children's books

by Tyasia Fuller and Cameron Swann
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