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book review

Book explores the business of school segregation

The author of "Cutting School" coins the term "segrenomics" to describe trends in school privatization. She draws heavily on Philadelphia's recent history to make her point.

by Ian Gavigan commentary

'Martin’s Big Words': Closing the vocabulary gap

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by reading with a child.

by Robin Muldor-Engram commentary

Celebrate Unity Day today with these books promoting compassion and speaking up

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

by Robin Muldor-Engram

An author whose poetry gives hope to children in time of despair

by Robin Muldor-Engram commentary

Fun reading for the summertime

Here are some titles for parents and students to consider to prevent the slide in learning that summer can bring.

by Robin Muldor-Engram

Cinco de Mayo: Books that demonstrate the contributions of a talented, hardworking people

by Robin Muldor-Engram commentary

More student reviews of culturally relevant books

by Salena Robinson and Shia Burton-Fishburn

Students review culturally relevant books

by Ethan Nguyen and Aniyah Jones

It's Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday. Drop everything and read!

by Robin Muldor

Great sci-fi series for middle schoolers

by Becky Shaknovich
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