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State-related universities fear becoming casualties of Pa.’s budget impasse


Pa. budget likely to come late, with money borrowed to fill gaps

by Katie Meyer

Eliminating school property taxes will hurt poorer districts

by Michael Churchill commentary

More money, spent in the right way, reduces the achievement gap, study says

by Greg Windle

Why are national civil rights groups calling for a moratorium on charter school expansion?

NAACP and Movement for Black Lives point to concerns over transparency and management


How can we improve the performance and accountability of Pennsylvania cyber charters?

by Lawrence A. Feinberg commentary

DNC opens against backdrop of education inequality

Welcome to Pennsylvania, a battleground state that has the biggest gaps in the nation in per-pupil spending among its rich and poor school districts.


The school integration plan in Erie that could fast-track equity


Pa. budget deal hinged on compromise and avoiding controversy

by Kevin McCorry

Philly School District notches revenue wins in state budget

by Dale Mezzacappa and Avi Wolfman-Arent
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