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Kenney opposes Council resolution to set high bar for removing Board of Ed members

by Dale Mezzacappa and Greg Windle breaking news

Hundreds rally in City Hall for charter schools

They are seeking to influence who is chosen for the Board of Education and to get Council support in disputes with District regulations.


City Council hears litany of concerns in a hearing about forming new school board

Who can serve? Why should the board be elected? Parents and activists spoke passionately about these issues and more during two hours of testimony.


After grilling from Council, District answers questions on suburbanites in city schools


City Council grills Philly school leaders on suburban students taking prized slots


District plans to put three hydration stations in each school


Soda tax up for first test in Council on Wednesday

by Fabiola Cineas

On Brown anniversary, GAO report finds segregation deepening

At the same time, City Council grills District officials on why schools lack basic services.


District offering summer school for students who lacked certified teachers this year

City Council grills officials on their spending priorities.


City Council candidates' views on education: Helen Gym

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