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Commentary: Philadelphia’s children deserve human teachers, not algorithms and data-mining

by Alison McDowell commentary

Coding: The new literacy?

The city is launching a campaign to bring computer science to all students.


Minecraft gamers will help raise money to bring technology to schools

by Ariel Censor

TeamChildren helps bridge the digital divide with computer donation

The nonprofit organization gave 30 computers to Elkins Elementary.


At Building 21, tech makes learning personal


High School of the Future: A learning experience

Nine years in, the school is undergoing a reboot. Ambitious plans for using technology have been hindered by school and District upheaval.


Using online tools to keep students engaged

Blended learning, an approach that uses a mix of teacher-led and online instruction, has caught on at some District schools.


Assistive technology is a needed tool in the city’s resource-starved schools

by Maura McInerney

Report gives District low technology ranking

Officials point to bright spots, including a speedy fiber optic network and new investments in laptops for early literacy teachers.


Building a tech culture

Despite scarce resources, schools across the District are exploring new ways to bring technology into classrooms.

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