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english language learners

District is adding support staff for English learners

More teachers and bilingual counseling assistants have been hired. Bilingual psychologists will be next.


Report reveals eye-opening data on English learners in Philadelphia schools


English language learners need more help and services in Philly schools

by Maura McInerney commentary

A glossary of terms, resources for English learners

Journeys to the United States

Northeast High School students talk about why they traveled here and what they hope to do now.

by video

How schools teach English amid other lessons

ESOL teachers can provide support in the classroom or outside it. Some schools take a bilingual approach.


Language obstacles can be conquered


Staffing issues improve, but they still loom large

by Dale Mezzacappa and Avi Wolfman-Arent

SLA Middle School celebrates opening


Charters need transparency

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