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Check out this Twitter chat on youth in foster care and education

Using #FosterEdSuccess and #PHLed, the Dec. 18 chat included the Juvenile Law Center, Education Law Center, and the Notebook. The audience was both local and national.

Overcoming the obstacles to education

Foster children are more likely to drop out of school, research indicates. Many programs seek to ease their struggles.


Foster me … foster reading … foster success

I am from a mystery – America’s 14th-21st century to no history Germantown, North and West Philly, Cobbs Creek Parkway and praying all day I am from my mother’s birth pains to my foster mother’s gain ~Robin Muldor-Engram


Q & A: How ‘on-ground schools’ work

Lack of oversight and limited coursework in this little-known system can derail students instead of helping them.


A private school just for foster children

Most kids arrive ‘mad at the world,’ the CEO says. ‘They want to know: Why are people not taking care of me?’


Cincinnati agencies and schools link up to help students succeed


Journeys to C.B. Community School

Four students share their stories.


Sentenced to schools that fall short

When judges send foster kids to residential facilities with schools, they think they are giving them a better shot at getting an education. The result is often the opposite.


How we are failing the city's foster children

The statistics on the education of kids in foster care tell a grim story. In Philadelphia, schools, advocates and organizations are working to write a happier ending.