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funding equity

Sen. Vincent Hughes unveils plan to fund schools with $8.25 billion from fracking tax

The state lawmaker from Philadelphia pointed to poor conditions at Cassidy Elementary to illustrate inequity.


What would an adequate budget for city schools actually look like?

The SRC told District officials to put one together that would let elected officials know what is actually needed


Study: Pa. is 'Wild West' of property taxes

The report from EdBuild found that an absence of state guidance results in little relationship between tax burden and ability to pay. Proposed legislation would eliminate property taxes altogether, but would not solve the inequity problem.


Eliminating school property taxes will hurt poorer districts

by Michael Churchill commentary

How the other half learns: A field trip from Kensington to the suburbs

by Avi Wolfman-Arent and Kevin McCorry

As its neediest schools struggle, what can Pa. learn from Ontario's success?


Two schools: 15 miles and worlds apart

RFA report details depth of inequity in Pa. education


State Supreme Court hears arguments that school funding is unfair

The plaintiffs urged the justices to intervene, saying the current system has led to large inequities. Attorneys for the state contend that school funding is "political" and that the judiciary has no role.

by Dale Mezzacappa and Kevin McCorry

School funding lawsuit set for hearing today

The justices will be asked to determine whether they should intervene. Gov. Wolf says no.

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