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graduation rates

Graduation rate rises slightly districtwide; big gains at Lincoln celebrated

by Staff Report

Teachers speak out on District's new grading policy

Members of the Caucus of Working Educators question whether it will lead to more learning or inflate the graduation rate.

by Steve Petro, Amber Burnett, and Shaw MacQueen commentary

Graduation rate flat after years of increases


A matter of degrees

The good news is that the number of Philadelphia high school students who graduate and enroll in college is on the rise. The bad news? Only one in five get a degree.


Educators can help potential dropouts by learning the language of data

by Ami Patel Hopkins, Icy Jones, Daniel Schiff, Darren Spielman

Editorial: Memo to the new mayor


Neighborhood schools: Fragile gains at risk

While graduation rates are still low, most of these high schools have seen increases. But they are hardest hit by District turmoil and budget-cutting.


More students re-engaging, but resources are scarce

Within four years of starting at a District high school, about one of every five students ends up in an alternative program. The graduation rates are still low.


What’s working? What’s not?

Researchers and advocates are trying to better understand why more Philadelphia students are graduating.


Smaller high schools give graduation rates a boost

Since 2000, the number of options has grown. More students are choosing schools where it’s harder to fall through the cracks.

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